Careful intelligence-gathering phase before outsourcing

Streamlining your production process is one of the requirements of successful outsourcing. Removing a part of the production process also has consequences for your organisation as a whole. We carefully examine all the factors – products, people and machines – with you in advance. After precise co-ordination, the process is guaranteed and full outsourcing is started.

Timéco offers a competitive outsourcing concept

Because Timéco operates its own production facilities with motivated and competent employees, Timéco keeps the entire process under control. Timéco does not offer any of its own products. Your R&D knowledge is therefore in safe hands. All Timéco employees are dedicated and highly skilled.

Door-to-door transport

Our partnerships with reliable CZ and NL carriers guarantee transport speed and security. We deliver the finished products or assembly-ready parts from door to door in the Netherlands or to another European or overseas destinations.

Up to 50% savings on labour costs

Timéco can help you save a lot of money compared to Dutch hourly wage costs. Further savings are also possible thanks to our collective procurement of materials. Please enquire about our capabilities.

Nieuwsgierig geworden?

Heeft u te maken met arbeidsintensieve productie? Gebruikt u verhoudingsgewijs veel arbeid en weinig kapitaalgoederen? Dan is uw product misschien geschikt voor outsourcing. We zoeken het graag voor u uit.

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