Over 10 years of outsourcing in the Czech Republic

Timéco was established in 2004. Since 2000, our owner/director Marc Wolterinck has gained experience with the Czech work ethic and business climate. The company’s own production facilities are situated in the southern Czech village of Jindřichův Hradec (approx. 20,000 inhabitants) in the province of South Bohemia, 30 km from the Austrian border.

Assembly of different products

Timéco assembles and produces various products, focusing primarily on the furniture, metal and electrical engineering industries.

Co-operation with local suppliers

Timéco’s exceptional network allows intensive co-operation with local suppliers in the metal, stainless-steel and aluminium industries. Timéco takes care of procurement, this saving you considerable transport costs.

Became curious?

Do you have to deal with labor-intensive production? Do you use a relatively large amount of labor and few capital goods? Then your product might be suitable for outsourcing. We are happy to sort it out for you.

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