Outsourcing for SMEs

Outsourcing is not only advantageous for large companies. SMEs can also enjoy benefits.By outsourcing “labour-intensive tasks”, you can concentrate on your core activities and leave everything else in efficient and professional hands.

Outsourcing requires an action plan

Outsourcing is a good way of organising activities differently and more efficiently. Outsourcing must not cause your company to lose control. That’s why a good action plan is required. With outsourcing, you use the services of another company. This co-operation must be established properly.

What are the benefits of outsourcing to the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is the ‘technology hub’ of the former Eastern bloc. It was an important centre for automotive, electrical and aviation technology for the Soviet Union. In addition, there is an excellent work ethic.  Tough, experienced and well-trained workers are ready to serve you. In addition to experienced employees, our hourly wage rates are also very attractive (see also prices 2019).

Are there any disadvantages of outsourcing?

Ten years ago, it was predicted that the benefits of outsourcing to the former Eastern bloc would soon evaporate.  In practice, the situation is different. The comparative advantage is guaranteed within the European community.

Became curious?

Do you have to deal with labor-intensive production? Do you use a relatively large amount of labor and few capital goods? Then your product might be suitable for outsourcing. We are happy to sort it out for you.

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